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Casa do
  • Welcome to
    Casa do Cerro
    Situated on a hill, isolated from the bustle of the seaside,
    a bar with oriental influences, with matching decoration and props,
    which is distinguished by originality and is one of the highlights of Albufeira.
    Promoting the sounds and flavours of the world.
  • Shisha
    Our special shisha allows you to experience smoking fine tobacco with aromas of sugar cane,
    fruit molasses, the heat of the embers of natural coal, under a special water filtering system
    that allows you to clean, clean, and cool the smoke,
    so as to reduce the harmful elements of smoking.
  • Amazing
    We want to tell you a secret…
    Meet the new gastronomic space of the VIP Lounge Area.
    A pleasant and quiet place. Meet our fresh menu, with seasonal
    products and genuine flavours of Portuguese cuisine with Arabian influence.

Casa do Cerro


Arabian cuisine.

We offer the ultimate chill and relax experience with authentic Arabian cuisine occasionally accompanied by belly dancers.
To further create a Arabian feel, our place is decorated in a true North African style.





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Cerro da Piedade, Albufeira Jardim, Albufeira 8200-916
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